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About us

Dear clients, guests and colleagues, welcome to our website! – spacious, aesthetical, exquisite, high quality and flawlessly upholstered apartments for rent in Palanga, Juodkrantė and Druskininkai.


Apartments that we offer are more than a simple hotel room, because they are:


Safe – lockable front door of a building, video surveillance system, peaceful neighbourhood. Comfortable – spacious rooms, kitchen, living room, terrace, furniture, housewares, bedding. Functional – parking place, room for bicycles, perambulators. You will have anything you need and it will feel like home.


In website you will find all the information about apartments and you will be able to easily book it for the time you need in just a few minutes. We assure constant information update in our website, so you can be sure that apartment of your dreams will be booked only for you.


Reasons to choose


No expenses on brokers.

All the documents of the apartment booking will be sent directly to your e-mail.

Chosen apartments are booked only for you.

Book it in just 5 minutes, without leaving home. – best apartments for rent!


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We want to introduce you a rent sel-service website, where you will be able to find all the necessary information about the apartments or other living-spaces, choose the occupation timetable, print the agreement and the bill. The system administrator will assure permanently renewed information. If you have any question, we will always answer them by phone or e-mail.

We offer you to rent the apartments for family comfort or bussiness trips in Lithuania. We are sure that every member of your family will be satisfied with our services - those, who like serenity, will be able to admire pinewoods, the coolness of sea and a wonderful view through the apartment windows. Those, who like sports, can use bicycle path and swimming pools. Those, who like sailing, will find a real paradise here! Sanatorium and convalescent homes services are located nearby. If you like city uproar, entertainment is easily available.

All of our apartments are perfectly equipted - there you will find everything what you need for a pleasure or work during bussiness trips. We are sure that you will have a good time here even if your family is big or you have a number of friends. Many of our apartments include the place for keeping individual, sport or other inventor and has a parking place. It is comfortable to keep bicycles, sun umbrellas or baby carriages.

One of the greatest advantages is that our apartments are bigger and more spacious than a standart hotel room. You will also have a kitchen, living-room, corridor, bathroom, parking place and sometimes even terrace. The conditions for work or studies are great, because the atmosphere is warm and cosy. Apartments are fully equipted, you will not need to bring any furniture, housewares, bedclothes or towels. We guarantee safety, because the location of the apartments are chosen in the best and most safe areas of the city. Almost everywhere the entrance doors are locked or have cameras.


Our aim is to assure a full pleasure during your holidays or bussiness trips!